Bass Traps

EZ Suede Bass Trap

The EZ Suede Bass Traps a are low frequency bass absorbers covered in luxurious synthetic suede which gives a premium finish to any room .

These acoustic bass traps are finished in suede appearance which offers an elegant, available in two standard colors chocolate and ochre.
These bass traps are ideal for theaters, home theaters, recording studios, and many more.

The EZ Suede Bass Traps are used to reduce excessive bass and control the reverberation of any room at low frequencies.

The EZ Suede Bass Traps are designed to be placed in the corners of any room. They come with a 60 cm height and 30 cm. depth.

The installation of these bass traps is quick and simple. Simply attach the traps with our EZ Adhesive or EZ Fasteners on the corner of the room.

EZ Suede Bass Trap

Product technical data

Material: Synthetic suede appearance over acoustic foam
Colours: Chocolate and Ochre.
Product dimensions: 30 x 30 x 60 cm.
Quantity per box: 4 pieces
Installation: EZ Adhesive or EZ Fastener


Recording studio, home theater, commercial facilities, educational and multipurpose spaces.

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