Bass Traps

EZ Wood Corner Trap

The EZ Wood Corner Trap gives us a very effective treatment for low frequencies. Designed with 45 degree edges for easy placement in 90-degree corners. The perfect combination of acoustic foam, which is not in contact with the wall, resulting in an air cavity within the foam and the wall that gives us a very effective solution to the problems of low frequency of your room.

Maple wood finish for a perfect combination with the other elements of the family EZ Wood, like the EZ Wood panel

This product is very popular because the use of wood in a room makes this more comfortable and warm.

EZ Wood Corner Trap

Product technical data

Material: FR25 Foam and Maple wood finish
Product dimensions: 60 x 60 x 7.5 cm.
Quantity per box: 4 pieces
Installation: EZ Adhesive


Recording Studios, home theater, comercial facilities, auditoriums, public spaces…

Absorption test


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