EZ Diffuser 1CS

The diffuser EZ Diffuser 1CS is molded plastic designed to scatter or disperse acoustic energy through out a given space.

The special design of the EZ Diffuser 1CS redirect and redistribute sound waves throughout the room, helping to eliminate hot-spots and dead-spots while maintaining a true “live” sound.

The EZ Diffuser 1CS allow you to create an effective treatment of diffusion in your room.

The EZ Diffuser 1CS is a lightweight diffuser and very easy to install. It is ideal for rooms such as home theaters, music listening rooms, band and chorus rooms, recording studios and any facility requiring good acoustical performance.

The EZ Simulator is an app on our website that helps our customers calculate the best configuration for the size of their space.

Tech Specs


Plastic molded


60 x 60 x 15 cm.


4 pieces


Absortion Coefficent